Rise of the Weblebs

Star Signatures in Cement

Clique here to enter this group.

They start life on the television. They start life on the radio. Now celebrities are starting life on the internet. People who become celebrities in the web industry are rising faster than ever before. But are some of these weblebs (a truncation of the term web celebrities) becoming a bit too big for their boots?

Like a rubber ball


Bouncing back.

Before I started working for my current employer, I had been comparing my career and personal life to those of other people I knew and saw on a daily basis. No matter how much I tried to convince myself otherwise, I continually felt like I was a bit of a failure. Not a total failure, but just not as good as I had believed I should have been at the time.

“What I did today” by Justin Sykes, aged 33.6667

Justin Sykes drinking two beers

After whinging that I didn’t mention him in a previous blog post, I decided to write a fictional “a day in the life of” story for one of my good friends and ex-colleagues, Justin, mainly thanks to inspiration from a similar article written by the legendary Shane Prendergast. Any resemblance between the characters in this tale and any real persons, living or dead, is an unfortunate miracle/accident.*

*delete as appropriate.

I’m back!


Home is where the heart is.

Assuming you don’t follow me on the various social networking websites, I’m alive and well in one of the birthplaces of the industrial revolution, a place where everyone knows a few people know my name, the wonderful city of Derby. After two relatively good years working in the Metro department at McCann Manchester, I realised that I needed a new challenge and to be closer to home, as my travel arrangements had become more expensive and tiring than I had originally anticipated.